🇬🇧 Caring for Carers

I started this activity in 2014 to offer carers of chronically ill family members or friends the possibility to unwind by doing yoga with me and to recharge their batteries.

Behind each chronically sick person there is at least one other person looking after him or her on a part-time or full-time basis. The statistics show clearly that this is most often the partner or a family member.

No doubt, you know someone who is in this position or you know indirectly of the enormous effort that is put into caring for someone.

To be ill is definitely not a pleasant experience, but to be chronically ill and in need of care is particularly hard. However, for the carer this means double the stress: you care for someone very close to you and possibly to the very end. The selfless effort on the part of the carer is mostly underestimated, more often than not taken for granted and seldom given the recognition it deserves. In addition to the burden placed on the carer´s time and body, the mental, psychological and emotional burden is immense and, for those on the outside, not immediately noticeable.

Therefore, the aim of „Pause für pflegende Angehörige“ (in English "A Break for Carers") is to focus on carers and their needs.

In my work I try to create a special, emotionally safe space for carers where they can do yoga with me once a week, get to know others in the same situation and, above all, to concentrate on themselves and to recharge their batteries.

The yoga class is free of charge. 


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